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    We are all the sisters and the brothers
    Until we find we don’t believe the same


    Gary’s getting drunk to forget Sarah
    Sarah’s stealing money from her parents
    Aaron’s lying straight to Jon about Megan and the things that went on
    Jessica’s a gossip, Laura’s a slut
    Derrick hits Bridget, Ben deals drugs
    Seth spends all his money gambling
    Joey stopped praying

    It is all the same thing

    We are all the same people
    With sinning hearts that make us equal
    Here’s my hand, not words said desperately


    -Emery/Listening to Freddie Mercury

    We’re all the same. We all fall short of the glory of God. Before you judge… look at the plank in your own eye.

About me

I'm me. Jess Taylor.

Jesus is my everything. He wants to be your everything too.

I want to travel- to see the world, to love on His people, to work and play with my closest friends, to love and be loved, to be dirt poor for my Father's name, to live.